Drug Traffickers Hacked Shipping Systems to Track Large Drug Shipments

drug-traffickers-hacked-shipping-systems-to-track-large-drug-shipmentsCyber crimes were once used to bully people online but as the time is passing, these criminals are enhancing their hacking skills. An example of these enhanced skills came from Europe where drug traffickers hacked into the computers of shipment companies in order to track large among of drug shipments.

A group of international cyber investigators from Dutch and Belgian have found massive computer hacking attacks on shipping companies in Belgium’s city of Antwerp conducted by a well organised drug smuggling gang.

Shippers contacted police after finding out that their computers are hacked by drug traffickers, police immediately seized one ton of cocaine and same amount of heroin shipment.

Security Week reports that last year many companies within Europe had reported cyber attacks on their computers by unknown cyber criminals after detecting suspicious activity and malwares being installed on their systems, allowing criminals to access company’s hard disk to get information about the exact location of drug loaded container.

The links of these criminal elements were found in Holland, where authorities were informed and asked for a strict action.

During the crack down in May 2013, more then 250 kilograms of containers were seized, containers of bananas filled with 114 kilograms of cocaine were found at the end of  April 2013 in a cargo of wood from Chile which was landed in the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

Police arrested two Belgian IT specialist during the raids along with weapons and cash.

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