How Internet can get smarter by combining AI and ML

AI has been through many changes in recent years, and it will become even more prevalent and useful for us all shortly.
How Internet can get smarter by combining AI and ML

Slowly but surely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an intrinsic part of our lives, whether we’re using it for business purposes, online dating, and so on. AI has been through many changes in recent years, and it will become even more prevalent and useful for us all shortly.

ML (Machine Learning), on the other hand, is only a branch of AI, although the two terms are sometimes taken separately.

Machine Learning also has a huge role in our technologized society, as it’s used to make various systems automatically learn from the users’ behavior, without the need to be explicitly programmed. One of the huge online industries that rely on both ML and AI, in general, is online dating, and there are certainly many more to fix in this area. 

AI and ML are increasing the chances to find a life partner online

It’s nothing shameful nowadays to look for a relationship online, and many young people have done it at least once. The number of online dating users from the US, for instance, will likely see an annual increase – 35.4 million Americans are expected to use online dating in 2024, meaning a significant increase from ‘only’ 30.4 million users that such apps were reporting in 2019.

Machine Learning has the potential of granting you the perfect match on a dating app, but it cannot depend only on the technology itself. You, the one who uses online dating, have to be as honest as possible. ML cannot read your mind and figure out that you don’t have a straight sexual orientation, for instance, if you are ashamed enough to hide it.

Furthermore, we all have to admit that the online realm is filled with people who aren’t telling the truth about who they are, or at least they’re exaggerating. If you have such customs, once again, you can’t rely on ML to magically read your mind and grant you a match based on who you really are and what you’ve done in life.

Otherwise, if you’re a steadfast and honest person, Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning) has evolved so much that it will rapidly put you in contact with people who have the same traits, tastes, and interests as the ones that you’ve mentioned in your online profile.

If you’re a woman looking to date only men who are working as web developers and are fans of Kurt Cobain, for instance, the dating apps will be using AI and ML to put you in contact with such people.

Is there room for more improvements?

AI and ML can certainly become smarter than they already are, at least when it comes to online dating. For instance, it’s a bit difficult to find people at every corner who like both extreme metal music and byzantine music, and that’s where AI can once again lend us a helping hand.

Not all dating platforms are so evolved that they will grant such advanced search options,  and they can obviously be improved. Standards are growing day by day when it comes to online dating, and that can lead to a single thing: progress, as developers will constantly look for ways of improving their services to satisfy their customers. 

Of course, there are countless other situations when combining AI with ML can make the internet smarter and a more trustworthy realm. Other than online dating, AI and ML are also used for Google’s AI-powered predictions, commuting, ridesharing apps such as Uber, spam filters, commercial flights, and many more.

Programmers and tech experts need to constantly look for new ways of combining AI with ML to improve things in such areas as well. AI and ML are now being used to smartening routers and modems to effectively detect and optimize connectivity.

Of course, there are ways a regular user can optimize their internet be it by configuring the internet for optimal use through a router control panel which is typically an IP address like, or through advanced settings such as restricting access of other users. But as it usually goes in technology, there will never be enough, as it’s always room for more, and the standards will keep on growing.

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