Combatting Email Spam – What you should know

In this post, we will talk about emails that are considered spam and the most effective ways to eliminate them.
Combatting Email Spam - What you should know

It is difficult to protect yourself from spammers. You can register on the site and leave your mail, subscribe to the newsletter, and become a victim of pranksters. In any case, your email address will be publicly available, which will lead to spam in your inbox. However, it is not a reason to panic – you can still fight spam.

In this post, we will talk about emails that are considered spam and the most effective ways to eliminate them.

What Is Spam to You?

There are many definitions of this concept, and everyone decides whether a particular email is important or not, whether it was sent on purpose or is an element of an attack on your mail. The most common types of unwanted emails are commercial offers, emails from unknown addresses, regardless of their content, fraudulent notifications about the receipt of money to the wallet, or a large win.

These are just a few of the definitions for spam. It can be different for each mail user. The common thing is that such notifications are useless, and it takes time to read them. Luckily, with spam email lookup from Cleantalk, you can make sure it does not land in your inbox, and there is no necessity for manual filtering. There are some other effective solutions.

Using Filters or Unsubscribing

You can simply unsubscribe from annoying newsletters or marketing emails and forget about spam. Alternatively, there is an option to create a universal filter and configure it to work correctly. Sometimes it is enough to write to technical support. 

Using In-House Protection Tools

Well-known email services offer powerful spam filtering systems. This allows you to get rid of a significant proportion of spam. Moreover, the filter system is configured in such a way that allows you to filter incoming messages into different categories:

  • Advertising;
  • Social networks;
  • General, etc.

You do not need to set up your own filters; you can use existing mechanisms from an email client. The load on the system is also reduced to a minimum because anti-spam filters work from the side of the mail service.

Using Special Labels for Emails or Categorizing Messages

If you are attacked by spammers, filters fail, and your mail is inundated with unnecessary messages, use another place to collect important emails. The essence of this method is based on the fact that spammers try to deliver the message to the inbox. Leave it to the intruders and create another for yourself. You can configure the filtering of incoming mail in such a way that the necessary mail marked with special labels will be placed in the created directory.

Using Anti-Spam Methods by Category

For certain types of spam, different hacks are relevant:

  • News and promotional mailings – use the unsubscribe and filtering method;
  • Messages from specially created addresses – Use labels to put such emails in separate folders in your mailbox;
  • Spam from unknown addresses – you can fight them by using tags and categories, created as an alternative to standard methods.

Any of the spam categories can be combated by a combination of different methods. All options are available for use by any user, do not require special knowledge or skills.

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  1. I disagree that unsubscribing is a good method. While this may work for the specific website from which you unsubscribed, this also confirms that your email address is valid and therefore will most likely be sold to other spammers or data aggregators.

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