CIA Highrise Android Malware Spies On SMS Messages: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is back with yet another batch of Vault 7 related documents detailing the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) hacking tools and programs targeting unsuspected users worldwide for large-scale cyber espionage.

The latest leak exposes “Highrise,” a malware disguised as an app called TideCheck employed by CIA to target Android devices running on versions 4.0 and 4.3 – WikiLeaks has described the app as “CIA Android phone SMS proxy ‘HighRise’ which masquerades as ‘TideCheck’ to form a covert messaging network.”

The TideCheck app does not work like conventional apps since the attacker needs to have a physical access to the targeted device. Therefore, it can only be downloaded, installed and activated manually. 

However, targeted users can also be tricked into installing the app, but it requires users to open the app, enter the password which is “inshallah,” an Arabic word meaning “if Allah wills it” or “God Willing.” Once installed, the app will run stealthily upon reboot.

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA "Highrise" Android Malware Spying Users

“Highrise provides a redirector function for SMS messaging that could be used by a number of IOC tools that use SMS messages for communication between implants and listening posts. HighRise acts as an SMS proxy that provides greater separation between devices in the field (“targets”) and the listening post (LP) by proxying “incoming” and “outgoing” SMS messages to an Internet LP. Highrise provides a communications channel between the HighRise field operator and the LP with a TLS/SSL secured internet communication.”

It is unclear why the password was chosen as “Inshallah” which is a term Muslims around the world freely use. One reason could be that the app was developed to target Arabs or Muslims in general.

Upon detailed analysis of the Highrise’s user manual leaked by WikiLeaks, it can be seen that the app documents highlight HighRise v2.0 from 16, 2013. Since last four years, Google has issued numerous updates for Android devices.

Therefore, the only way of concluding the app’s current status is based on whether or not the CIA has also updated the app based on the security updates issued by Google to counter increasing malware attacks against Android devices.

Vault 7 document previously leaked documents by WikiLeaks

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