Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora and Twitter Accounts Hacked

Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai had his Quora account hacked earlier today — Those behind the hack said this was just a test!

A hacker group consisting of 3 people known as OurMine hacked the official Quora account of Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai and started posting public messages and because the account was connected with his Twitter account whatever was posted on Quora was also being posted on Twitter.

OurMine is the same hacker group who earlier hacked official Twitter and Pinterest accounts of Facebook’s very own Mark Zuckerberg by using his password from leaked LinkedIn database but in the case of Pichai, hackers used a security flaw in Quora’s server which they reported to the company but didn’t get any response. 

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Screenshot shows hackers posted tweets though Pichai’s Quora account

Another important point to notice is that hackers didn’t change his password. In previous hacks, the group did claim to use exploits allowing them to steal passwords from celebrities’ browsers.

The news was first reported by TNW according to which OurMine hackers are working on establishing an IT security firm in order to assist those affected by their hacks to save them from cyber criminals looking to target users and harm them in the long run.

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When asked about the hacking of Mr. Pichai, OurMine told TNW that: “We are just testing people security (sic), we never change their passwords, we did it because there is other hackers can hack them and change everything.”

At the time of publishing this article, Pichai’s Quora account was restored and all posts (including tweets from hackers) were removed however this hack is an alert for Quora users to change their passwords asap and make sure to use proper security measures in order to protect their account.

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