DDoS Attack by Phantom Squad: EA, Battlefield 1 servers go down

If you are an Electronic Arts (EA) customer then don’t worry you are not alone since tons of other users are also complaining about EA servers being down. At the moment it is unclear what’s exactly going on but we can confirm that there hasn’t been any official tweet from EA Support twitter handle. It could be because the company is not aware of the issue or their engineers may be working to bring the service back online.

Down Detector, an online service that provides updates about online outages has also confirmed that EA servers are down and there are hundreds of comments from users cursing at EA especially because it’s Friday night, the best time for gaming.

Screenshot from Down Detector comment section

There are several users on Twitter who are looking for answers.



It is unclear if the outage is due to a technical issue or this is a DDoS attack. In case this is a DDoS attack don’t be surprised as Christmas is coming which means it’s that time of the year when hackers love to boil your blood by massive DDoS attacks. For example, last year on Christmas eve EA servers were shut down after a cyber attack from “Phantom Squad”.

For your information, Phantom Squad also vowed to shut down gaming giants this Christmas however at the time of publishing this article there was no tweet from Phantom Squad about the attack.


Phantom Squad has claimed responsibility for conducting DDoS attack on EA impacting Battlefield 1 servers for users all over the world. In their latest tweet, attackers from Phantom Squad said they will be keeping Battlefield 1 servers down and they are waiting for starskids to have an autistic breakdown.

Source: Twitter

There has been not a single tweet from EA itself probably because they are already off for the weekend. Well, we wish EA users good luck. 

Stay tuned.

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