Consider Selfie Sticks Old-School — Time to use Hover Drones for Selfies

You can now walk along with this drone and it will take selfies for you! 

We all know that while using a selfie stick we look kind of dumb. It seriously seems pretty embarrassing when you are using a selfie stick in public. But the days of this embarrassment are numbered now since Zero Zero Robotics are now offering us a better option… a flying selfie stick.

Forget selfie stick, try this drone

Zero Zero Robotics is a Beijing-based firm. The company has recently introduced a Hover Camera drone. This drone is completely foldable and is able to track your face as well as follow you from up above to take photos and capture videos wherever you go.

Last week, the company showcased its demo and evidently, as soon as the app was launched the drone was able to scan the faces present around quickly and lock its lens on the pre-assigned individual’s face. If you walk around it will closely follow you but at the same time, it will make sure not to touch or run into you.


The only drawback that we could come up with is the extremely loud noise that it males. The drone is actually covered with a carbon fiber outer sheet due to which it becomes flexible, light-weight and very sturdy. However, due to this very aspect, you constantly hear the sound of the spinning motor which keeps it floating in the air.


The drone has a 13MP camera and it can shoot 4K videos as well as 360-degree panoramic shots. The maximum altitude at which this drone can conveniently reach is 164 feet.

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How does it work?

The drone quickly begins to hover as soon you turn it on and the app can help you use a double finger drag if you want to change the angle or perspective. The one-finger drag would let you modify the height of the drone while it is airborne. Once done, you need to fold it in half and put it in your bag.

Size wise the drone is just the size of three Kindles that are placed atop of each other. The manufacturers maintain that the camera of this drone has built-in object-recognition technology and therefore, it can easily surpass hurdles that it faces while flying or barging into people during following you.

The only thing lacking in this drone is a GPS tracker so in case your Hover drone gets lost then you will have to trace it manually.

Currently, the camera isn’t up for sale, however, Zero Zero Robotics is seeking beta testers to develop if more prior to selling it. The estimated price of the drone is $600.

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